2016 January

Metasens project team have published have published a paper on scanning probe-based printing of nanoscopic lipid phases. The process is based on fast transfer (up to 100 µm/s) of lipids, including those bearing functional groups, from the probe onto substrates with controlled hydrophilicity. The process allows obtaining lipid assemblies ranging from sub-monolayers to multi-lamellar stacks, with controlled lateral dimensions from 100 nm up to tens of micrometers. Such a process can be useful in developing cell membrane in vitro models as well as for biosensing and pharmaceutical applications.

Metasens_Lipid DPN

2014 December

Model cell culture (e.g. fibroblasts) laboratory  has been established at CPST for rapid prototyping and testing of different micro- and nanoarray layouts.

Metasens_cell culture at CPST